Cassava and its combinations that only Brazilians can cook

In Brazil, cassava (Manihot esculenta) is known as “manioc” or “yucca”. Yucca is a starchy root that is rich in carbohydrates, vitamin C, and calcium. The manioc root cannot be eaten raw; hence, it has to be properly processed or cooked before consumption.

Often called the bread of the tropics, cassava is the third largest source of carbohydrates in the world. And these carbohydrates come from its starchy root. It is believed to originate from Brazil and Paraguay and spreads to all countries.

As stated above, cassava can either be processed or cooked. Brazilians combine cassava in a way that no other country does. Below we have a combination of Brazilian meals and snacks that are made from cassava. These healthy Brazilian recipes will stuff your stomach and make you get used to the Brazilian culture.

  • Bobo de camarao

Bobo de camarao is a shrimp stew dipped in coconut purée and cassava. In West Africa, bobo is produced with yam instead of cassava. But, Brazilians are the maestros of turning yucca into different traditional dishes, including Bobo. This dish was introduced to Brazil during its colonization days and it has now become one of the richest meals in the country.

  • Biscoitos de Polvilho

Biscoitos de Polvilho is an appetizing Brazilian cookie. This traditional Brazilian snack is made with a sour starch of yucca/cassava. It originated from the region of Minas Gerais. It is easy to prepare and its unique flavor make them aromatic. Though finding some sour cassava starch in the Brazilian food market may seem difficult; yet, this meal still finds its place in the dishes of many Brazilians.

  • Bolinho de custard com toffee de cumaru

Bolinho de custard com toffee de cumaru is cassava cakes made with tonka bean caramel. This cake has delightful taste and the recipe is easy. In this cake, tonka bean (which is a caramel sauce made with cumaru) to give this cake an unforgettable aroma.

  • Bolo de Macaxeira

Bolo de Macaxeira, as the Portuguese would call it, is another form of Brazilian cassava cake that is smooth in texture and prepared with the right amount of sweetness. The root of cassava is the major component of this cake as it is combined with some coconut so as to produce that unique aromatic traditional Brazilian cassava cake.

  • Mandioca Frita or Fried Cassava

cassavaMandioca Frita or fried cassava is one of the simplest and most popular Brazilian cuisines. As the name implies, cassava is one of the major ingredients in this typical Brazilian dish. Mandioca frita is quite simple to prepare; after peeling the cassava, you fry until it becomes crispy and golden on every side. This perfect snack requires the combination of a few ingredients to make this delicious Brazilian snack.

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